moving on

we have some big changes in our very near future and i can say now that i am excited and looking forward to what is ahead. this was not the case a few months ago. the Lord has changed my heart and perspective about a lot of things in recent days and i am so glad for what He has shown me.
my husband is taking a position at vintage church in the big city. he will be serving alongside my brother in law, rob, and several other wonderful staff members. vintage is a church plant that has been around for almost four years. when rob called robert months ago and asked if he would be willing to consider coming on staff i kind of thought he was kidding. why would we move from our comfortable life at a very well established church with wonderful friends who have become family and move over the “big bridge” to the big city? we were not unhappy where we were. logically speaking this was a no brainer, but robert said he wanted us to start praying about it to which i reluctantly said okay. well that was almost 8 months ago and i can say that today the Lord has confirmed over and over to robert and i that this is right and good for our family. robert knew we were supposed to go before i did, but he waited patiently for the Lord to bring me around and did not push me to this decision. this was not my/our plan when we moved here 5 years ago, but it was and is His.
this has truly been one of the hardest decisions that we have made in ministry together. we love our church family and we love where we live. we have made some wonderful friends over the past 5 years that i believe will be lifelong friendships. we live in a beautiful area with wonderful schools. all of these things made this decision hard. i had a battle within myself through all of this. i knew that the Lord was calling us to the city, but my selfish human nature said “i. don’t. want. to!” God doesn’t call us to be comfortable, but He does promise to never leave us alone. He promises to take care of us and to provide for us. we have to be willing to follow where He is leading. for robert and i not to move our family to vintage would be direct disobedience to Him so we are going. we are sad and happy all at the same time. i’m so looking forward to what the Lord is going to do in the life of our family, in the life of  the church that we’re leaving, and in the life of vintage. He has such big and wonderful plans for all of us, but we have to be willing to follow His leading no matter what.
so now…
we are moving on! with much anticipation and excitement!

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This entry was posted on June 21, 2012 by in family, ministry.

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