robert and i have some great news that we are so excited to share. we are expecting our 5th child in august of this year. we were very surprised and excited with this wonderful news!

we knew that we wanted another child (children), but we had thought that our next child would be through adoption. we’re still not putting that desire and thought out of our minds, but for right now we will not be pursuing that.  we’ve always known that even though we can “plan” on some things; ultimately God’s plan for our lives trumps ours every time. He has reminded us of this again with this baby.

we have so many friends and family close to us that have struggled with infertility.  i do not pretend to understand the pain that goes along with that but, my heart hurts for those that i know who have struggled and continue to struggle with something so difficult. we cannot understand the mind and heart of God; why He allows difficult things to happen in our lives. He is still on the throne and still sovereign over all of our lives no matter the circumstance. it is so hard to trust when we don’t understand, but we must continue on the journey He has us on and know that His plan and timing, in all things, is perfect.

so in this season of our lives we are awestruck, humbled, elated, and thankful! The Lord has once again blessed us so much more than we could ever ask or imagine and definitely more than we deserve.  to our Life Giver, Jesus, be glory, honor, and praise!!


One comment on “awestruck

  1. Barbara Vinesett
    January 15, 2013

    I am thrilled for all of you…..

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